Types of Sessions

A primary purpose of the Aeon Conference’s Organizing Committee is to arrange opportunities for the conference’s participants to exchange knowledge and ideas with other members. To accomplish that goal, the conference includes sessions designed to encourage personal interaction between all participants so that they can exchange knowledge and their experiences in their fields. In addition to oral and poster sessions, there will be parallel session presentations, and workshop discussions. There will also be informal coffee breaks and more formal social activities to encourage discussions.

The Conference’s Parallel Sessions include:

  • Oral/Poster Presentations will be organized into thematic areas by the conference programing committee. Parallel oral sessions will be conducted in several conference halls at once. (read more)
  • PhD paper presentations  (Oral/Poster) will also be organized into thematic areas by the AEON programing committee. Daily sessions will be held parallel to all the other presentations. (read more)
  • Publishers – this form of participation is for those who are unable to attend the Conference in person (read more)
  • Live Performance – All university representatives are welcome to demonstrate the status of their work with exhibits of artwork, models, and other products.  (read more)
  • Workshops (read more)
  • AEON Awards (read more)