Speakers’ Guideline

Oral Presentations

Presenters are required to arrive at the Aeon Conference Hall at least 15 minutes before the start of their session.

Tips for Presenters

Become familiar with the Aeon Program. Check the session program every day because changes may be made that will affect the timing of your presentation.

Oral presenters are allowed 10 minutes for their presentation and 5 minutes for questions from the audience.

1. All presentations will be in the English language.
2. The primary purpose of your oral presentation is to interest the audience in your work. To that end, speak slowly using short sentences, and choose your words carefully so your presentation can be concise and clear to your audience.
3. The presentation has to be done in PowerPoint format (or other self-executive multimedia).

In order to make your oral presentation as effective as possible, here is a suggested structure:

Outline the main points using a table of contents slide at the beginning. Follow the contents by an introduction that explains the importance of the topic; next give the primary points in the research limiting the number of points you use and making it clear when you shift to a new point; conclude the presentation with a summary of your points.

Show one or two slides per minute and use 4-5 points per slide.

Make sure your titles are clear, and use graphs and figures in addition to words to make the slides more interesting.

Use fonts that are large enough so they will be readable from a distance

Speakers are asked to use the Conference hall laptop. Only presentations on a CD/DVD or a USB memory stick will be accepted.

Note: We suggest that every presenter upload his/her presentation on the conference laptop at least a day before their speech or during the registration the first day so they can ensure that everything works correctly. It is recommended that presentations be uploaded after the end of the afternoon session to avoid disturbing current presenters.