Privacy Policy

AEON Policy for Handling and Protecting Personal Information

Scope of Application
This Privacy Policy applies to websites and email accounts managed by AEON International Multidisciplinary Conference on Social Sciences and Arts .

Use of Personal Information
In addition to allowing us to respond to inquiries, to send materials requested, and to communicate with authors and conference delegates, AEON uses personal information for statistical purposes in a manner in which the identity of the individual is not disclosed as well as for the peer review of academic abstracts, articles and papers.

Personal Information Management
Personal information gathered through the AEON website is managed appropriately. Any information that is submitted to AEON is not released to any third party without the act of consent or request or in accordance to European Law. AEON will apply an appropriate and reasonable level of security to protect users’ personal information from the risk of loss, destruction, alteration or improper access.

Data storage
All data obtained by AEON is held and used in compliance with European Law.

AEON websites contain links to other websites. AEON is not responsible for the privacy practices of third parties who administer other websites.