Posters’ Guideline

Poster Presentations

All poster presenters should submit a full article that will be included in the conference proceedings and for the indexation process. Papers that are going to be presented during the poster session must be prepared by the author(s) as a poster accompanied by relevant charts, drawings, and photos, etc. Posters are to be in color (or black and white) in maximum format A1/Portrait.

Posters should supply outlines of their full papers to the conference. Outlines will be included in the conference proceedings and sent for evaluation and indexation.

The title of an effective poster should quickly orient the audience to the subject of the presentation.

The poster should present a brief overview of his/her subject and purpose of his/her work.

Individual sections of a poster should be prepared so that they can be read effortlessly by the audience.

Specific sections such as the results should be easy to locate on the poster.


The size of the poster material must be limited to a max A1/layout in portrait orientation. The purpose of the size limitation is so that the materials will fit the poster stands.


The title of the poster must be displayed on the top and written in bold, capital letters. The names of the author(s), their titles and institution membership are centered on the poster.


Drawings, photos, and lettering on charts should be large and clear enough so that the poster is legible from a distance of 1 or 2 meters.


Avoid dark or busy patterns on paper background and dark-colored watermarks. If you use such materials, your poster will be difficult to read.

Note: Authors are responsible for printing and taking their poster materials by themselves to the site of their presentations. They are expected to display their posters on the appropriate poster stand at least 5 minutes before the start of their session. Every poster stand will be clearly numbered.

Poster materials should be visibly marked with the exact day and time of the Poster’s session, and the number of the poster presentation stand.

For the Posters convenience, they have the option of having the Organizing Team print their presentations in full color and 4×4 size. They will also transport the poster’s presentation material to the presentation venue and display it appropriately in accordance with the daily plenary program. Additional fees may apply for using this service.