Live Performance

Live/Art Performance 

All University representatives who are interested to perform and demonstrate the status of their work will have the opportunity to present their artwork, models, and other products. This participation form offers a platform to all conference participants to show their work and engage with the AEON Conference’s attendees. Musicians, painters and artists of all types of art are welcome to demonstrate their talent, current work or to exhibit their artwork, models, performance or other interactive presentation. The participation could be in the form of a live, interactive demonstration or an art exhibition, a short scene, a musical performance, theatrical work, or any combination of these.

AEON encourages a variety of demonstrations from social scientists, media professionals, scholars in the humanities, artists, and designers.

If performers are registered as lecturers or delegates for the upcoming AEON conference, there will be no additional fees for this participation form.

All live performances will be conducted as events, parallel to the conference. Because of time and meeting space limitations, the number of available time slots is directly related to the number of Oral Sessions scheduled. Because of space availability constraints, it is advisable to submit workshop proposals as soon as possible.

Performers must email a 2-3 page description of their presentation or performance to [email protected] It must be received by the deadline date and include:

  • Artis/Group Name and contact details
  • Proposed title
    Description /for print and marketing purposes
    Brief description of the performance theme and its main goals. The importance of the theme should be clearly presented. Please introduce your ideas for the performance and how you plan to conduct it. If any skills of participants are required, include the respective information in the description.
  • Why is this piece right for AEON Live Art Performance Sessions? /Max 150 words/
  • Тo what audience your demonstration is focused to?

Once the proposal has been accepted please provide the organizing teams with the following details: 

  • Number of people involved in your act.
  • The performance could be associated to:
    – Theatre & Music
    – Painting & Sculpture
    – Photography & Modern Art
    – Urban Arts & Design
    – Other
  • Please write the preliminary agenda of your live performance
    Type A: total duration 1.30 hour;
    Type B: total duration 2.30 hours;
    Type C: ……
  • Professional experience of you/your group
  • About you and your practice. Every presenter or involved artist should present themselves by their research experience and/or major activities relevant to the proposed Live Art Proposal theme
    What conditions do you require i.e. what kind of physical environment?
    Lighting/Sound/AV/Any other tech required
    Space requirements
    Additional information (please provide any other details that need to be considered, such as potential health and safety hazards, age restrictions, ethical issues etc.)
    Please indicate which elements you will want us to provide and which elements you will bring yourself. Our technical capabilities will be limited so please be as self-contained as possible
  • MEDIA (if required)
    Web links
    Image links
    Video/Audio links

If you have a large group of artists, and are interested in participating, contact AEON organizing teams in order to discuss how best to demonstrate you work.