Chairmen’s Guideline

The chairman will begin sessions promptly at their scheduled time. The first item on the chair’s agenda is self-introduction and introducing the sessions’ cochairman. Sessions are to be introduced with the titles, authors, and topics that will be heard during that section.

Every speaker is to be introduced using biographical information supplied by the speaker.

Presenters will be informed when their time limit is close. After the end of a presentation, the chairman will invite questions and comments from the audience. Audience members can express their opinions of the presentation or ask a question. They will be asked to introduce themselves and give their name and university or organization affiliation before asking a question or giving their opinions.

Session will conclude promptly at the announced time with a short session summary. Audience members will be asked to fill out a nomination form and place their votes in the ballot boxes placed at the entrance of every plenary hall.

At the conclusion of a session, every chairman is asked to fill out a special Oral Presentation evaluation form, which is to be handed to a member of the Aeon organizing team.

To qualify to be a session chairman, applicants should be registered as a Lecturer for the current conference. All applications will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee and official invitations will be sent out to the accepted applicants a month before the start of the conference. Session Chairmen’s names will be published in both the conference program and on the website.

After the event, every Session Chairman will receive a special thank you letter for serving as a session chairman.