The purpose of AEON International Multidisciplinary Conference on Social Sciences and Arts is to create opportunities for academicians scientists, researchers and research scholars to meet and discuss their studies and results in all areas of interest in the social sciences and arts. It is the primary forum for interdisciplinary practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, concerns, and practical challenges encountered, and the solutions adopted in the fields of Social Sciences and Arts. This event will provide a face-to-face opportunity for delegates to exchange ideas, and experiences. They can also establish business or research relationships, and make global partnerships for future collaboration on projects.

Key objectives of the conference are to:
  • promote standards and encourage training in the best practices for the international education field
  • facilitate forums relevant to the conference goals,
  • exchange new research information,
  • create and disseminate interdisciplinary knowledge,
  • encourage public policy that supports the social sciences and arts ,
  • produce publications to be used as a database for future research works, projects, and innovative activities in the field of international education.
All papers submitted to the conference will be peer-reviewed by the program/technical committees of the Conference. Every approved article will be included in the conference proceedings. It will also be submitted for evaluation and indexation to all major databases.

AEON abides by the Creative Common guidelines that allow the authors to retain ownership of the copyright of their work. 


Our beliefs

AEON believes that its objectives can be best achieved through international academic cooperation and the development of close links between relevant institutions and individuals around the world. International cooperation is an opportunity for participating countries to learn from each other and share scientific accomplishments.

What we offer

Apart from providing a platform where all participants can establish long-term business or research relationships AEON also offers an opportunity for young researchers to learn skills such as how to chair a technical session, and where young authors receive coaching in how to edit and create publishable contributions to the social sciences and arts literature,

Our goals

The Conference intends to achieve its objectives and get international visibility through interaction with public and private organizations from throughout the world.
It is our goal to offer exceptional experience for all participants and unlike many other conference organizers we would never ask authors to transfers the copyright of their publication/article to us. AEON abides by the Creative Common guidelines that allow the authors to retain ownership of the copyright of their work